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Making Messy Learning Meaningful

A Meaningful Mess

Gifted Education and Genius Hour Support

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Are you ready to reconsider your teaching approach and reignite your passion for education? Look no further than the Genius Hour Academy – a transformative two-day event designed to engage, inspire, and empower.

Join me in Waco on July 12-13th for this immersive experience that prioritizes passion, purpose, and perspective. During our time together, you will discover innovative strategies, connect with like-minded educators, and gain practical tools to elevate your teaching practice. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that is reshaping the future of education. Learn more and reserve your spot today!

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Redefining Excellence through Passion-Based Learning

In a world where education has become synonymous with scores and evaluations, many of us recognize a need for change. We understand that true learning for the gifted mind transcends conventional benchmarks. We don't just looking for excellence in grades or the next achievement test; we're in pursuit of something profoundly different—a journey that nurtures the whole learner, respects their unique pace, and celebrates their diverse talents.

Welcome to a space where this vision aligns with my mission. Here, I believe that education for gifted learners should be a unique experience driven by curiosity, creativity, and passion. It's about creating an environment where learners are encouraged to explore their interests deeply, develop their strengths, and embrace their love for learning.

Where Passion Meets Purpose

I specialize in supporting educators and families to design and implement passion projects that transform the educational experience for gifted learners. These projects are not just assignments; they are journeys of discovery that connect learners with their passions, challenge them to think critically, and encourage them to apply their learning in meaningful ways.

For educators and families, I offer guidance, resources, and a collaborative partnership to cultivate an educational environment that values creativity, problem-solving, and personal growth alongside academic achievement. My approach is tailored to recognize and nurture the distinct talents of each gifted learner, providing them with opportunities to excel on their terms.

A Global Community for Local Impact

Though my work and passion for gifted learners began as a mom and in a rural district in Waco, Texas, my reach and resources are available to educators and families worldwide. I am dedicated to fostering a global community of passionate learners and educators, united in the belief that education can and should be more than just good grades and standardized tests.

Let's Make Messy Learning Meaningful

If you believe in an educational philosophy that values the depths of exploration over the shallows of traditional achievement, you've found your ally. Together, we can create learning experiences that ignite passion, inspire innovation, cultivate the gifts of every learner, and turn messy learning into meaningful experiences.

Let's embark on this transformative educational journey together. It's time to offer gifted learners an education that mirrors the complexity, depth, and vibrancy of their minds—a journey not just to academic success but to a fulfilling, passion-driven life.

The Meaningful Mess Community

I'm so glad you are here and I would love for you to join my online community. The Meaningful Mess Community is a safe space for us to share, learn and grow together through posts, meetups, and challenges.  It's completely free to join so jump right in.  I'll see there!

Join the Community

If you want more for your gifted learners, you aren't alone. I get it and I'm here to help!

Empowering Educators and Families to Transform Education

I understand where you may be right now because, not too long ago, I was there too. I know the desire to see learners truly challenged and engaged. It's this very drive that led me to seek a different approach in my own classroom—a decision that changed everything.

In the past 8 years, I've been on a journey of discovery, working alongside teachers, administrators, and parents of gifted learners. Together, we've explored innovative strategies, implemented new ideas, and embraced the power of passion projects to spark genuine investment in learning. Along the way, I've learned valuable lessons—what works, what doesn't, and why this approach has the potential to reach even our most challenging learners.

Guiding You Towards Effective Solutions

Now, I'm here to share what I've learned and guide you towards solutions that truly make a difference. Whether you're an educator searching for fresh ways to engage your students or a parent seeking to unlock your child's full potential, I offer practical, proven strategies tailored to your unique needs.

Unlocking Potential, One Learner at a Time

Together, let's embark on a journey of transformation. Let's explore innovative ideas, embrace the power of passion projects, and unleash the potential within every learner. Because I believe that with the right support and the willingness to try something different, we can create an educational experience that inspires, challenges, and empowers every gifted learner to thrive.


  • Keynote presentations on gifted education, passion-based learning, and best practices
  • Workshops on effective strategies, innovative ideas, and practical solutions
  • Seminars on supporting gifted learners in the classroom
  • Talks on cultivating creativity and passion in education
  • Passion-Powered PD
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  • Designing effective gifted education programs for districts
  • Genius Hour program design and implementation support 
  • Needs assessment and program evaluation
  • Curriculum development and alignment with gifted education standards
  • Strategic planning for campuses and districts
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  • Individualized coaching for educators seeking to enhance their teaching practices
  • Mentorship coaching for novice gifted teachers
  • Genius Hour coaching for gifted learners to help them reach their full potential
  • Personalized coaching to guide individuals through their passion projects (COMING SOON)
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"Thank you for an excellent PD day today. You've changed the way an entire district's GT classrooms will allow children to explore areas of interest next year."

Jennifer Kelly

"Andi changed the way that I saw PD. She reignited my passion as a learner and therefore as a teacher.  I consistently walk out of her PD feeling a renewed sense of purpose and hope for my classroom and the next generation of learners."

Megan Puckett

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