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I believe that if we are going to ask educators to design meaningful learning experiences for today's learners, we should design meaningful experiences for them.  Please take some time to learn about the experiences that I offer and consider which would best fit your audience.  All of the topics can be delivered as a keynote or a workshop.  They can also be delivered in-person or virtually...whatever works best for your organization!

I am also able to deliver custom workshops based on what you need.  If that is something that you are interested in, please choose OTHER on the form shared below and share your topic under additional information.

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The 6 Ps of Genius Hour

Based on Genius Hour: Passion Projects that Ignite Innovation and Student Inquiry

So many gifted learners have abilities and skills that do not fit into the “school box.”  As a result, they are often misunderstood and eventually,  they become frustrated, bored, disengaged, and apathetic in the classroom.  

​​Pursuing individual passions and interests can be very beneficial for gifted learners. It provides the opportunity for learners to become more self-aware, make important decisions, and practice the life-ready skills, such as creativity,  that they will need beyond the walls of the classroom.  

In this learning experience, I will share the 6 Ps of Genius Hour framework that I created and implemented in my own classroom as we made passion-based learning a reality. 

This can be delivered as a one-day workshop or a two-day academy.  The academy will give educators the opportunity to ask questions, plan what it will look like in the classroom, and explore important resource and tools.

(This learning experience can also be delivered to a general education audience without the focus on gifted learners.)

I also work with districts, campuses and organizations to help their staff utilize personal passion/purpose-based projects to ignite innovation in the classroom. These experiences are best delivered over a 12-week time time period through an online synchronous experience.  Each participant will work through their own project using the 6 Ps of Genius Hour.  This is a great team-building experience and opportunity for educators to be given the autonomy to try something new. To learn more, please send me an email and we can talk about what this might look like for your campus/district/organization.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

This is different. So much has changed because of what we've experienced as an educational system over the last few years.

So, what’s next? Where do we go from here?  In this learning experience, I will utilize the land of Oz to help educators understand where we've been, what we've learned, and where we are headed.  Our new reality has left many of us wondering what lies ahead and what can be learned from our current circumstances.

Throughout our time together,  I will share new ideas, new techniques, and even new perspectives regarding tried and true classroom strategies that can be used to move the needle forward. It’s a difficult but exciting time to be an educator. Let's learn how we can continue to innovate and shift our perspectives to engage and empower today’s learners.  

(This learning experience can also be delivered to a general education audience without the focus on gifted learners.)

Designing for Depth

Based on Designing for Depth in the Classroom: A Purposeful Framework for Differentiation

Gifted learners are often an afterthought when it comes to designing experiences for the classroom.  But the reality is that they both recognize and resent busywork.

In this learning experience, I will share how to engage and empower learners through meaningful experiences.  I will walk educators through the important pieces of any learning experience (Engage, Experience, Empower, Evidence, and Extension/Extra Support) and how they can be used to cultivate a willingness to invest, create an opportunity to learn, and encourage authentic connections beyond the walls of the classroom. 

I will also share the importance of weaving life-ready and SEL skills into the experiences that we design as well as share practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.   

Educators will leave this learning experience with a new perspective regarding differentiation and an understanding of how important it is that we not only plan for our learners that don't understand, but also those that do.

Tools of the Trade

Teaching gifted students requires us to be creative and find ways to engage and empower them even when they are not in our classrooms.  Find out how technology can be used to do just that.   In this learning experience, I will share with educators how to know if technology is meaningful and why it is important to use these tools to help students make connections.  Educators will leave this experience excited about the potential ways to engage their gifted learners in meaningful learning experiences using technology tools that are accessible and easy to use. 

The Power of Project-Based Learning

When done well, project-based learning has the potential to help learners reach a deeper understanding and practice life-ready and social-emotional skills.  In this learning experience, I will share practical ways to implement this type of learning through my PBL baby steps.  After leaving this learning experience, educators will understand the what, the how, and the why behind PBL and will be ready to implement on some level in their own classrooms.

A Meaningful Mess

Based on A Meaningful Mess: A Teacher's Guide to Student-Driven Classrooms, Authentic Learning, Student Empowerment, and Keeping It All Together Without Losing Your Mind

Learning can be messy and meaningful. In this learning experience, I'll share practical ways to engage and empower today's learners through student-driven and authentic learning experiences.  I will share my personal experience of shifting from a traditional teacher that did what was easy to becoming an innovative educator that did what was best. Educators will leave this experience inspired to design meaningful learning experiences. They will also have a new understanding of who today's learners are and what they need from the classroom experience. 


Often, audience members are inspired our time together and want to continue to learn.  As an option, meeting planners can offer audience members the opportunity to receive a copy of one of my books for an additional fee.  These resources can be utilized to encourage application of what has been shared.  Genius HourA Meaningful Mess, and Designing for Depth will inspire educators to think beyond what they've always done and consider what will actually be meaningful for today's learners.  If there is time, I am always more than willing to sign of copy of her books for those in attendance as well.

If this is something that you are wanting to make a reality, please let our team know in plenty of time before the event.  We simply need to know which book and how many copies will be needed.  After receiving that information, we will be able to provide the quote for the additional cost. 

Student/Parent Events

I often provide learning experiences for gifted learners and parents of gifted learners. Below are some options:

Understanding Giftedness:  What It Is, What It Isn't, and How We Can Serve Them Well

Family Passion Projects

Finding Your Passion and Purpose 

I'm excited to share that Brian Housand and I work together to provide an ALL IN experience for districts. This learning experience involves learners, educators, administrators, and families.  It's an opportunity to help everyone understand giftedness and how it should be served both at home and at school.  If this is something you are interested in, please indicate that on the form below.

I would love nothing more than to work with you to design an experience for your audience that will engage and inspire.  My hope is to always leave an audience with the tools, resources, and encouragement that they need to take the next step.  I also enjoy staying connected beyond the event to offer support along the way. You in?

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